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The fun and social way of gifting

UrGift.In helps you get the gifts you want by sharing or creating your own Amazon Wish List. You can buy a gift for a friend on your own, or have others chip in. Giving a gift is as fun as receiving one...so let’s start Gifting!



UrGift.In helps you to receive gifts you actually want by sharing or building your own Amazon Wish List and letting others know about your special occasions such as a birthday, a graduation, or a wedding. UrGift.In also returns the favor by letting you know what your friends and family want the most.


Bday and Special Occasions

Celebrate with your friends your birthday,
a graduation, or a wedding.


Your WishList

UrGift.In automatically imports your Wish List from Amazon. You can also build a brand new Wish List using Amazon’s search, snap, or scan feature.


Follow your Friends

Invite & Follow the particular group of friends that you
want to celebrate this occasion with you.


Individual or Group Gifting

You can buy individual gifts or invite your friends to chip in to a buy a Group Gift.

UrGiftIn is available now on the App Store